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Section: Asian Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty Overview

Rhinoplasty is one of most frequently performed Asian cosmetic surgeries. Although the general concepts of Asian rhinoplasty are similar to those in the non-Asian, technical execution is different.

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The large majority of Asians seek nasal augmentation (augmentation rhinoplasty), in contrast to Europeans who generally request reduction (reduction rhinoplasty).

On average, the Asian nose appears more triangular than in the Occidental when viewed from the front. The nasal bridge is typically flatter, the spine shorter and less defined, and the tip of the nose wider and less angular. The nostril opening may appear relatively larger and be more widely flared.

For the Asian rhinoplasty surgeon, the operation can be more challenging because Asian cartilage is more fragile and the overlying skin is thicker.

Many Asians patients request an increase in tip projection to lengthen the nose slightly and lower its typical upward angle.

Southeast Asians typically benefit the most from augmentation of the bridge and length, while northeast Asians often request less or none at all.

The desire for nostril reduction is also more frequent in southeast Asians than in those from the northeast.

The more inclusive term ethnic rhinoplasty is sometimes used by rhinoplasty surgeons to indicate nose reshaping on non-European patients, particularly East Asian and African-Americans but also Middle Eastern and Hispanic. This designation is of minimal value as the needs in each group are complex and different.

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Anatomy for Asian Rhinoplasty
Terminology and definitions needed to understand rhinoplasty techniques and options

Augmentation Rhinoplasty Options
What features can rhinopasty alter or enhance on the Asian nose

Rhinoplasty Implant Choices
Materials that used in augmentation of the nasal dorsum, or spine

Reduction Rhinoplasty
Correcting a bulge or hump along the spine of the nose

Alar Base Excision Rhinoplasty
Decreasing a wide nasal base with excessive flare at the nostrils

Changing Nose Length
Techniques for reduction, elongation, and reshaping of the dorsum, or nasal spine

Increasing Definition at the Nasal Tip
Rhinoplasty using cartilage to define, lengthen, and project the tip of the Asian nose

Paranasal Augmentation
Implants and injectables to soften a characteristic depression surrounding the nostrils

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty
Injectable fillers to augment and reshape the Asian nose

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