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Thinking about having cosmetic surgery to enhance a certain feature? Looking for a solid introduction to the field of Asian plastic surgery? Eager to learn more about options, pros and cons, risks, recovery, complications, costs and view plenty of before and after photos? Hoping to avoid a sales pitch? Good luck.

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While locating hundreds of general plastic surgeons online today is easy, finding more than a few helpful sentences on even the most complex of cosmetic surgery procedures for the Asian patient is not. Why? Many Western doctors know precious little about the subject.

We offer more. The Asian Plastic Surgery Guide is a one-stop, cross-cultural reference for the Asian community, a site where you can conduct real research on the latest details of every major surgery and cosmetic treatment for people of Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Southeast Asian, or Indian descent.

Our audience is global, and so is our coverage. Whether you live in Los Angeles or New York, Vancouver or London, or Singapore, Shanghai, or Seoul, the answer to your question is here.

Unbiased and culturally sensitive, our content is neither unduly persuasive nor critical. It's the best place to learn about Asian plastic surgery, from double eyelid surgery to rhinoplasty to surgery on the cheek, jaw, calf, breast, and body.

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A reference on cosmetic plastic surgery for the Asian community

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